Certificate of Hi-tech Transformation Project

CH Additives

  • hyperdispersants

  • Pigment surface-treating agents
  • Wetting and dispersing agents
  • Anti-skinning agents
  • Anti-emulsifying agents 
  • Adhesion reinforcing agents

Honours of product

1 "CH polymeric surface-treating agents and their use in the preparation and dispersion process of pigments and extenders" was authenticated as the internationally advanced achievement by Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology in 2001.
2 Item "Study on the preparation technology of CH polymeric surface-treating agents" won the financial aid from Shanghai Technical Innovation Fundation
3 "CH polymeric surface-treating agents" was appraised as the newly-developed product of Shanghai, certificate No.: 2001XP82802
4 Inventive patent "A method for pigment surface treating" was applied in March 2002, application No.: 021111359
5 "SANZHENG CH polymeric surface-treating agents" was identified as the high-tech. transformation project on May 24, 2002, certoficate No.: 200202087 

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